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My Workshop at “Passion for Project” event in Helsingborg

Two days ago, I was thrilled to share insights from my recent workshop at the “Passion for Project” event in Helsingborg, graciously hosted by PMI Sweden Chapter. My session was dedicated to exploring the art of enhancing team performance through a systemic lens. During the workshop, we focused on how teams’ performances could be enhanced using a systemic perspective. We discussed the emergence, the main factors affecting team performance, the relationships between these factors, and ultimately identified the most significant action that could be implemented.

Participants were not merely observers but active contributors, engaging in the process of identifying crucial improvement areas within their teams’ operations. By meticulously mapping out these elements and their interconnections, we fostered a comprehensive understanding of team performance. This holistic perspective is vital for pinpointing effective strategies aimed at nurturing a cohesive and high-performing team.

The workshop emphasized the significance of understanding systemic relationships and feedback loops within work environments, making it an ideal learning opportunity for team leaders, managers, and members eager to elevate their team’s efficacy.

The positive feedback and inquisitive questions from the participants at the end of my session were immensely gratifying. It’s clear that a systemic approach to team performance resonates with many professionals looking for concrete ways to improve their teams.

For those who couldn’t join us, I will be sending out the presentation used during the workshop via email to my newsletter subscribers. I believe the insights and strategies discussed will be incredibly beneficial for anyone looking to enhance their team’s performance through a deeper understanding of systemic factors.

Stay tuned for more updates and resources aimed at empowering your teams and projects.

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